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College Avenue

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Looking north on the square

College Avenue is one of Bloomington's original streets. It runs north south, and starts at the 45, 46 Bypass, where it merges with Walnut Street, and ends at Dodds Street where it merges back with Walnut Street. College is a one-way street heading south. There is also a very short segment that starts at the west end of Hillside Drive and runs about 600 feet.

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Distance: 3.25 kilometers (2.02 miles)
Stoplights: 11



Originally, College Avenue only ran from 11th Street (formerly called North Street) to Dodds Street. In 2007 several Sharrows were applied to the right-most lane of College Avenue in the vicinity of downtown; the intent of the Sharrows is to provide a safe lane for bicyclists to use while on College Avenue.

Major Buildings on College Avenue

Driving downtown

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