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In order to be a useful resource, Bloomingpedia needs the contributions of people like you. Bloomingpedia uses the form of a wiki to store, change and present its information. A wiki allows collaboration on a single project by people all over the Internet. Whether you are are visiting this site from Kirkwood Avenue or from Kirkwood, Missouri, if you know about Bloomington, you are invited to contribute your knowledge.

Special Task: Block by block specializations

Downtown Bloomington is changing rapidly. Businesses coming and going, new buildings being constructed and old ones being demolished. History is being lost with every strike of the demolition ball.

Here is how you can help. Pick a city block in Bloomington, put your name/username next to it below and then start gathering all the information you can about that block. What businesses/residents are currently there, what was there in the past, what special events occured there. Put all the information you gather into Bloomingpedia articles. Try to limit yourself to one city block at a time, after you feel that you've found all you can, move onto another one.

City Block Assignments

Use the map below to determine what block you want to take and then put your username next to that block number below in the section called "Block numbers". Block # 69 is the county courthouse block.

Tip: Keep in mind that the larger numbered areas are probably deciptively hard. Just because they are large areas doesn't mean that a lot happened there over the years, in fact, section #1 probably doesn't have too much history.


Block numbers

Articles that need more information

The following sections of articles need more information. Please look through the articles for articles that you can contribute to.


The Category:People article has the complete list of personalities that have an article on Bloomingpedia.

Neighborhood Associations

Neighborhood Associations are connected to Bloomington through the department of Housing and Neighborhood Development, or HAND.These quadrants are defined by 3rd Street and Walnut Street/College Avenue. Bloomington Neighborhoods will soon be listing all neighborhoods in and near Bloomington.


The MediaWiki software that this wiki uses allows you to create templates that can then be used to quickly entering information. An example is on the Bloomington article. The city Infobox on the right side of the screen is a template. More of these templates need to be created for other categorized data like people, businesses, buildings, streets, weather data.

For now, Bloomingpedia is maintaining a static list of Available Templates.

Places to start your research

Often times people need help nailing down facts and finding information that is available. This is especially difficult when there is so little information online about any small city. We have created the Research Resources to provide a jumping off point to find resources that you can use to find factual information.