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Bloomington High School South

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Bloomington High School South is one of Bloomington's two main public high schools. The school is distinguished by its strong academic performance. Its campus takes up several blocks between Walnut Street and Henderson Road about two miles south of Downtown.

The auditorium at BHSS is known as Carmichael Hall and was part of the 1999 partial renovation of the school.

Generally, the Teachers at Bloomington High School South are very tolerant of student behavior.

The administrators are known to typically focus on student attendance. Saturday schools recently have been incorporated into Bloomington High School South's disciplinary system. After three unexcused absences, Saturday school is assigned to the student. Parents are urged to call their student out of class when necessary.

In 1997 several southern districts were moved to Bloomington High School North district to even out student enrollments at each school. The districts included Hyde Park and Kensington.

1965 S. Walnut Street
Bloomington, IN 47401

In 1988 Ron Furniss was named principal. He resigned two years later to become principal of Indianapolis Pike.

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