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Woodyard Road

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Woodyard Road travels roughly northwest from SR 37 and Vernal Pike to Ratliff Road in Ellettsville, a distance of slightly less than three miles. Before the Monon Railroad was abandoned, Woodyard Road crossed the line a little south of Walcott Lane, and travelled parallel to the tracks up to Ratliff Road.

In 1912, five glass blowers employed at a Spencer factory returning from Bloomington in a horse-drawn buggy were all killed when they were struck by a train at roughly 55 miles per hour.<ref>Richardson, Randi (November 26, 2001). "The Circumstances of the Accident that Killed Five in Ellettsville". The Bloomington Telephone. Retrieved on February 26, 2009.</ref> It seems likely that the intersection where they were hit was the Woodyard Road crossing.

In 1908, Stephen Coan was struck and killed by a train at the Harvey Stephenson Crossing<ref>Richardson, Randi (February 13, 2009). "Mrs. Stephen Coan Compensated by Railroad in Death of Her Husband". The Ellettsville Farm. Retrieved on February 26, 2009.</ref>, which might also be this crossing.

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