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Talk:Mother Bear's

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I love this pizza! My own favorite is cheese and green olive. I used to live in the frat house across from Mother Bears on Third Street, and started eating there when it first arrived. There was another pizza place right next door on the corner, with an air hockey table, that was not nearly as good, so I guess Mother Bears drove them out of business. I recall they had a bicycle wheel from one of the winning Little 5 teams on the wall, so we hoped to give them another. And we did! They also had a blacklight hand-painted mural above the arch in the middle of the place that was really cool. The atmosphere is the best, and except for the expanded room on the east side, it still looks like it did back in '73.
One day a bunch of us (about twelve students, men and women) streaked Mother Bears- running butt-naked through the front and out the back. A campus cop was sitting there having a pizza. It was hilarious! Oh, those crazy '70's!
There was also another Mother Bear's in Indy, at 71'st and Binford Blvd, near my parents home, that closed a while back.[User Nancyewilson]
Was the other pizza place on Third and Swain? That was a Domino's Pizza when I was there in the early 90s.
I liked Mother Bear's pizza, but I was always hopelessly confused between Mother Bear's and Bear's Place, which were both right by each other. On multiple occasions, someone told me to meet them at Bear's, and I would always get the wrong one. And I lived just south of Mitchell and Atwater, so I had no excuse! --Jkonrath 10:36, 8 May 2006 (EDT)
Is Swain the crossstreet there? I lived across the street and still don't know. It was just some mom and pop place, and a lot of high scholl kids hung out there- and there were several scuffles with some morons in my frat-

Mother Bears and Bears opened just about the same time, and used to be related- I don't know if they are still owned by the same people-

I spent my first summer in Bloomington in the old house they just tore down- with only a couple of others there- It must've been 1975. From my top corner window, I could hear the strains of the radio and live music coming out of the rear outdoor section at Bears- I think it has been enclosed since- but I recall specifically hearing "Radar Love" and "There's Gonna Be a Party Tonight" wafting down the much more sedate Third Street- really empty during the Summer Sessions. There was also Marathon gas station at the corner of Third and Jordan where the small park is now. A couple of us did a lot of skinny dipping at the quarries just west of town- the one's recently partly paved over by the new road to Elletsville. It was great to be away from Indianapolis where I grew up, andI'm saddened now that the traffic has gotten so bad, and Bloomington is more like Indy- while Indy unfortunately is more like Chicago was back then
We also had a faculty friend of the house then who lived up on Swain I guess-on the block north of Atwater- Charlie Eckert was a brilliant film studies professor of Comparative Literature who was also a bike racer and travelled with our bike team to Florida on break- He died unfortunately about 1976

[User nancyewilson 1:20 9 May 2006