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From Bloomingpedia

I went to IUB in 89-90 and 91-95. In 90-91, I went to school at IUSB and visited every chance I could.

My first book took place in Bloomington in the summer of 92, and I think everyone nostalgic for the old times should check it out.

I also made a glossary of my life up to the end of college, and I guess a lot of it replicates what's here. It's at

Useful/Useless Resources


Mostly a note to self, but some stuff I need to go through:


This is a collection of books I own about IU, that I've been using to research stuff.

  • Indiana University: A Pictorial History - Dorothy C. Collins and Cecil K. Byrd, Indiana University Press, 1992 [Excellent photos, okay history, info on branch campuses, too.]
  • Indiana University: Midwester Pioneer - Volume I/The Early Years - Thomas D. Clark, Indiana University Press, 1970 [Excellent, excellent history, but only up to about 1900. Hard to find.]
  • Images of America: Bloomington and Indiana University - Bloomington Restorations, Inc., Arcadia Publishing, 2002. [Slim, light on history, good photos.]