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ShowPlace East 11

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As seen from the parking lot

ShowPlace East 11 is a movie theatre with 11 screens at the Southeast end of Bloomington. It is located on the east side of Bloomington on south College Mall Road. In a way marks of the current south east corner of commercial businesses in the city, as it is mostly residential and light industrial beyond that. It last known manager is Mike Reinhardt.

For a long time, this theatre showed almost all the mainstream movies that showed in Bloomington. When ShowPlace West 12 opened in 2000, a majority of the mainstream movies started showing there, however an agreement was struck and several big movies continued to show at the east location. Nowadays, most of the movies that show at East are ones that cater towards college students.

The seating in threatres 1-5 is considered worse than the seating in theatres 6-11. Theatres 6-11 are actually bigger and the seats for those theatres were last replaced in the mid 1990s, possibly 1996 when the theatre was extended from 5 to 11 screens. There are also different sound systems in theatres 1-5.

The theater was owned for many years by Kerasotes Theatres, but has been sold to entertainment conglomerate AMC Entertainment, who also owns the only other commercial theater in town, ShowPlace West 12. As their answer to Kerasotes Theatres's "Five Buck Club", AMC has a discount matinee price. All shows Monday through Thursday and before noon on Friday through Sunday, are $5. All shows the rest of the time, including holidays and openings are $10 (7.50 for Fri-Sun afternoons, and 5 for children).


  • This is the theatre that Jerry Seinfeld attended to watch a private screening of some movie when he did a show at the IU Auditorium.
  • This is the theatre that Star Wars Episode I showed at and had people camped out overnight.
    • The line for tickets began very early the day before they were to go on sale. It started just outside the north entrance to the lobby, ran around the north west corner of the building, down the alley and around behind the business in the adjacent building. There were several hundred people in line, including me, setup with chairs and coolers with food and drink. One industrious group found an electrical outlet outside the theater building and brought a tv and vcr to watch the original Star Wars trilogy over and over again through the night. Many people were in costumes and wielding "light sabres" in staged fights. At least one radio station came by to conduct interviews and the Herald Times ran a few pictures in the paper the next day.

Contact information

1351 S. College Mall Road
Bloomington, IN 47407-6175
Phone: ((812)) 331-2032 (usually pre-recorded message with showtime info)

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