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Rhorer Road

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Rhorer Road is a street on Bloomington's far south side. Running from Walnut Street eastward to Snoddy Road, its span is that of three and a half miles. It passes several neighborhoods, the Clear Creek Shopping Center, and Jackson Creek Middle School.

The road

Starting at a stoplight at Walnut Street (sometimes known at this junction Business 37 or Old State Road 37) it moves eastward past an entrance to the Clear Creek Shopping Center, containing a Kroger, Blockbuster Video, Ocean Midwest Mortgage, and a Wendy's, among other shops. West of Walnut/Old 37, the road continues as Gordon Pike towards Batchelor Middle School. Kennedy Drive branches off to the north, leading to a small collection of houses and a neighborhood off Burks Drive, as well as a Perry Township Fire Department station. Nearby, it crosses Walnut Street Pike, a counterpart to Walnut Street, and an access road to the Bloomington Speedway.

South of the neighborhood of Peppergrass, several roads branch off of Rhorer, both to the north and south. Nimit Drive, Jamie Lane, and Benson Court, all branch off to the north, while Derby Drive breaks off to the south, entering one of the city's newest neighborhoods. Heading down the slope of a hill, it passes the southern terminus of Sare Road, with Jackson Creek M.S. in clear view.

East of Sare Road and the school, Rhorer passes Harrell Road, another south-going road, that leads to more new neighborhoods, eventually stopping a mile and a half to the south at Moffett Lane.

Not far ahead of Harrell, Rhorer meets its eastern terminus at Snoddy Road, west of the neighborhood of Sterling Woods, and south of the Tibetan Cultural Center. Again, the road does not end, but continues to the east as Moores Creek Road, passing Sterling Woods, and heading southeast towards a deep valley that eventually leads the road to Lake Monroe.

The landmarks

(*note: landmarks may not be on the road, but nearby)