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Morgan House

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Morgan House

The Morgan House is a historic residence north of downtown Bloomington at the intersection of Tenth and Walnut Streets. It was built in 1890 in the Queen Anne style according to a design by nationally-known architect George Franklin Barber; the house is wooden and painted yellow. By the late 20th century, the house had fallen into decay; it was the home of an elderly woman who was unable to maintain it properly. Eventually, she sold the property to Bloomington Restorations, which completed a large-scale rehabilitation project and restored the house to a state resembling its original glory. Today, the Morgan House is not a residence; it has been divided into offices for several different small companies, including a law firm and a chiropractor.

In 1983, the Morgan House was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. When the North Washington Street Historic District was designated eight years later, the Morgan House was included in the district, despite its location a block away from Washington Street.

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