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Great Wall Chinese Restaurant

From Bloomingpedia
Great Wall Chinese Restaurant
Restaurant Type: Chinese
Open Date: ????
Address: 2038 North Walnut Street
Phone: (812) 323-8778
Current Owner(s): ????
Manager(s): ????
Hours: ????
Website: ????

Great Wall Chinese Restaurant is a Chinese restaurant located at 20th Street and Walnut Street in Bloomington.

As of May 2014, the buffet has been replaced with cafeteria-style service. The chef explained that the change was motivated by a desire to serve fresher food, and that while some customers preferred the buffet, many others have noticed and appreciated the improvement in quality.


Great Wall was also a hotspot on weekends in Bloomington with a karaoke machine. Is this still true?

Personal Booths

There are four private booths.