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Cresent Donuts

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Cresent Donut

Cresent Donut Shops is a local donut shop, tucked in due west of Rose Hill Cemetery, at 231 S Adams Street. It is a favorite among many Bloomingtonians for its unpretentious and unchanging decor, extended hours, and outstanding doughnuts.

Founded in 1961, the shop was originally located at the corner of 1st Street and Walnut Street, and has had additional locations around the city.

It was bought by Peter Sharpe around 2001. Bob Musselman was a previous owner.

Cresent Donuts in Literature

  • Big Hands #3 - includes an illustrated story of working at Cresent Donut in Bloomington, Indiana [1]
  • A Doughnut Shop Mystery [2]