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CVS on College Avenue

CVS is a national chain of large pharmacies. They originally had three locations in Bloomington and one near Ellettsville after taking over Revco who had previously taken over the stores from Hooks. When the company bought Osco Drug, they turned the two Osco locations into CVS, even though the east side Osco was right across the street from an already existing CVS location. In 2007 they built a new CVS location on North Walnut Street moving the original North Walnut Street location, bringing the number of locations to 6. A large CVS was also built on South Walnut Street and Winslow Road.


  • 2650 South Walnut Street
  • 1000 North College Avenue
  • 510 South College Mall Road
  • 2701 East 3rd Street
  • 2966 East 3rd Street (in Target)
  • 3910 West 3rd Street
  • 121 East Kirkwood Ave
  • 4444 State Road West 46

Previous Locations

  • 2510 East 3rd Street
  • 3477 West 3rd Street
  • 1711 North College Avenue
  • 1911 South Walnut Street
  • 4673 West Richland Plaza