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Andreas Drexler

From Bloomingpedia

Andreas Drexler was a german national who was studying computer science at Stanford University in the early 1990s. On April 23, 1992 he traveled to Bloomington with the intent to kill his ex-girlfriend, Susan Clements. He brought 2000 rounds of ammunition in addition to other weapons. On the evening of the 23rd, he shot and killed Clements on the 14th floor of Eigenmann Hall and wounded another student, Steven Molen who later died. Drexler committed suicide shortly after the shootings. He was found a few blocks away from Eigenmann Hall.

Usenet Posting

Drexler posted an add in a usenet newsgroup a few weeks before he used the vehicle to transport himself and his weapons to Bloomington.

From: Andreas Drexler (a...@Xenon.Stanford.EDU) 
Subject: Chevy for sale  
Date: 1992-04-07 14:33:05 PST 

        Chevrolet Impala 1974 
       - 91k miles. 
       - Mostly dealer-maintained; service records for the last 4 years. 
       - 8 cylinder engine with considerable power. 
       - Dual start battery about 9 months old. 
       - Tune-up, including carburetor cleaning, 6 weeks ago. 
       - Breaks checked and serviced at Midas 4 weeks ago. 
       - Sturdy and safe. 

I have owned the car for the last 3 years, and it has never failed me. 
Although the body shows its age, the car starts and runs flawlessly. 
I would love to keep it, but I only have one parking space. 

       $990 or b.o. 

If interested, please respond to or call (415)