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Talk:Mark Pi's China Gate

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Subjective text for historical reference

For the most part I think opinions should stay out of Bloomingpedia, but in some cases where most people accept that a place is "the best in town", it would be useful for people 20 years from now to find out that a certain restaurant was considered the best. I think a bit of non-neutral wording is ok in some cases to provide some historical context. This could be reflected through official reviews done by critics and we could reference those, but that still leaves out a general sense of what the general population seems to think at a given time. I think that User:Ksruther's statement on this article that Mark Pi's is considered by most people to be the best Chinese restaurant in town is actually an accurate statement at the moment. How to word that properly is the challenge. -- Mark 23:03, 12 February 2007 (EST)