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SR 446

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Indiana State Road 446 is a highway that connects Indiana State Road 46 on Bloomington's east side and U.S. Highway 50 about ten miles east of Bedford. It is also known as Knightridge Road, and is a major road that connects both Bloomington and Bedford to Lake Monroe.

Its northern terminus is at SR 46 on the far east side of Bloomington. It travels south towards the lake, with several roads branching off it to travel to other spots on the lake. The highway passes the entrance to Paynetown S.R.A. before going past the gate to John Mellencamp's driveway. It then goes over Lake Monroe on a causeway before passing the entrance to Cutright S.R.A. and Ransburg Boy Scout Camp on the south shore of the lake.

446 continues meandering in a southeasterly direction, passing the entrances to Allens Creek S.R.A. and Hardin Ridge in the Hoosier National Forest. It crosses into Lawrence County where it continues for about 8 miles until it reaches its southern terminus at U.S. Highway 50.

Just past Hardin Ridge as you drive north is Dead Man's Curve, a section of the highway that goes quickly from 55 MPH to a 25MPH zone to negotiate a sharp curve. The curve is marked with flashing lights and bumps, but has been the cause of many fatalities over the years. Inattentive drivers can easily miss the curve after driving for several miles on a straight highway.

The road predates the lake by more than a century, in its incarnation as Knightridge Road. That road was originally built in 1834 as a connector between Bloomington and Brownstown.

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