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Project School

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The Project School is planned to become Bloomington's only charter school in 2009. It will be a free, public school and will have grades K-7 in its first schoool year, adding 8th graders the following year. The school plans to have two teachers in every classroom with two grades per room. It hopes to open with 188 students. Some of its features will include:

  • Project-based education, similar to New Technology High School.
  • Year round schooling, with more breaks in the schedule.
  • Special education-certified and arts-infusion staff.

The driving force behind the school has been Daniel Baron. The school's opening has been controversial with some members of the MCCSC feeling that the project will take needed money away from public schools in poor districts. Although charter schools cannot legally refuse any Indiana student, Project School's stated focus is students from impoverished families and students of color.

It will be located at 349 S. Walnut St., replacing the Bloomington Adult Community Center there.

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