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Hillcrest Apartments

From Bloomingpedia

The Hillcrest Apartments, sometimes affectionately referred to as the "Old Folks' Home" of Collins by residents of the community, are an extension of Collins Living-Learning Center. Residence in these apartments is merited by involvement in the Collins community, despite a price increase compared to a typical Collins dorm room, and the residents of Hillcrest are typically older residents in the community because of the involvement requirements.

The apartments feature individual bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms for the residents. Though they function as normal apartments because of these features, they are still RPS-owned properties, and as such, no smoking or alcohol is allowed therein. As with all dorm rooms, each apartment is cable and Internet-ready, though many residents have expressed frustration toward the fact that there is no usable wireless Internet access in the apartments.

In recent years, the Collins Executive Board has begun discussing modifications to the way in which merit for residence in the apartments is earned, as there is currently no set model for the "involvement points" previously used by Collins administration to decide this merit.