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Gretchen Clearwater

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Gretchen Clearwater was running for the 9th district U.S. Congressional seat in Indiana in 2006. She was defeated in the primaries on May 2, 2006 by Baron Hill.

She decided to run because of a deep-seated sense of frustration about the devastating policies that the current administration has foisted upon us. She is running to take our democracy back. Her campaign is all about putting people first. Her platform is about justice, democracy and our communities. She is tired of the place She calls home suffering because the current Administration is busy cutting taxes for the wealthy and waging an expensive and unnecessary war, while failing consistently to address the economic and social needs of the people of the 9th district. As a progressive Democrat, she will act in Congress to introduce or support bills that fund education, health care, and social security; that implement an exit strategy for Iraq; that will bring our jobs home; that defend civil rights; that bring our business and environmental interests together; and that treat people with dignity and respect.

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