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Funeral Consumers Alliance of Bloomington, IN. Inc.

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Funeral Consumers Alliance of Bloomington, IN Inc. is a not-for-profit cooperative that serves the Bloomington community regarding end-of-life decisions by offering information and resources for families to make choices and get their needs met. The group began from an exploratory committee organized by Bloomingfoods Cooperative Services, and inherited the membership and support of the Bloomington Memorial Society when that group disbanded. It is affiliated with the national group.

The Funeral Consumers Alliance of Bloomington is dedicated to making information available to the public about:

  • State regulations and local options concerning funerals and burials
  • Simple, loving alternatives to traditional commercial services
  • Planning for end-of-life services
  • Providing resources for more information

Contact information

P.O. Box 7232 Bloomington, IN 47407 Confidential Voice Mail Information Line: (812) 335-6633 E-mail:

The office is in Graham Plaza, College and 6th.

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