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Faris Market

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Faris Market is an old style family run grocery store that has been located at 208 N. Walnut Street for a long time. It was opened in 1923 by Jude Faris and his three brothers Tommy Faris, Vannoy Faris and Emil Faris. It had been run by Bud Faris from the 1950s until his death in 2002. After that, the business was taken over by Gene Ramage, a longtime store manager of 45 years.

It closed its doors on March 18th, 2006.

Early History

Faris Market was originally just a meat shop, opened by Jude Faris and his three brothers. In its early days, the family would prepare the meats in the back of the market, with whole hogs, chickens, turkeys and beef slaps hanging along the side walls. They started stocking groceries in 1930, when they installed their first set of shelves. All of the market's heat was supplied by a single pot-bellied stove.

Local Restaurants that used Faris Meats and Produce

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