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Draper Cabin

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Draper Cabin is located in the Morgan-Monroe State Forest on 6220 Forest Road in Martinsville. This cabin is open for renting from April 1 through November 15. and is a popular spot to stay for the spring and summer. It is located about one mile or so back in the woods, which adds a scenic beauty to the surrounding area. When rain falls, a small pond forms in a dip off one of the sides of the cabin. This temporary pond adds to the cabin's charm. In fall, people flock to the cabin and to the park to witness the changing colors of the trees. Amenities include a picnic table and fire pit.


With the popularity of the paranormal, legends have sprung up about this place. One version includes a murder that occurred there quite a long time ago. Another story states that from the time of the cabin's existence over 130 years ago, a murderer still stalks their premises and waits for the next guests to arrive and rent out the cabin.

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To find out more about the cabin and rental arrangements you can call the Morgan-Monroe Forestry (765-342-4026), fax them(765-342-4505), or e-mail at Information provided by Jeffrey Anderson (other Anderson family members)

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