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Coyaba in concert.

From the language of the Arawaks, Jamaica's original inhabitants; COYABA: a place of ease and rest, with infinite feasting and dancing, a kind of heaven. We are Coyaba!!! An original, innovative, roots reggae band based in Bloomington. Their mission is to spread a positive message of social conscience through good vibes and driving rhythms. Our sound is unique, we combine the best aspects of all reggae music into a powerful sound composed of a pulsating melodic bass line, dusty organ, skankin' guitar, solid beats, majestic horns, tribal flutes, soothing vocals, and live dub effects. All to make you dance!

Band Members

  • Josh ?- Bass, Lead Vocals.
  • Mike ? - Drums.
  • Justin ? - Organ.
  • Laura ? - Percussion
  • Drew ? - Sax, Flute.
  • Clint ? - Dub.
  • Meredith ? - Guitar, Vocals.

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