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Bloomington High School North Science Olympiad Team

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The Bloomington North Science Olympiad team is a group of students that competes in the regional, state, and usually national Science Olympiad tournaments. The program at North is very serious and it has a history of victory, taking first in seven out of the last eight state championships.


Science Olympiad is a science team competition based loosely on the Olympics. A team of fifteen students must compete in twenty-three events, which cover all areas of science. Events range from Health Science, in which students answer questions on human physiology and pathophysiology; to Fermi Questions, in which students must estimate values like the number of drops of water in Lake Michigan to powers of ten; to Robot Ramble, in which students build a robot to accomplish certain tasks within a time limit.

In competition, performance in all the individual events produces a team score, which allows all the teams to be ranked. Usually the top 2-3 teams of a regionals competition advance to state, and the top 1-2 teams advance from state to nationals.


North's team starts preparing in September or October for the regionals competition in February. It continues for the state competition in late March, and should it advance to nationals, its practices go through May. As competitions approach, practice schedules grow more intense and students will often come almost every day after school and on Saturdays from 9:30 to 3:30 as well.

Fundraising for Nationals 2008

After winning the 2008 State Competition at Indiana University, North Science Olympiad will compete in the nationals competition at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. The total estimated cost of this trip, including bus expenses, hotel room costs, additional expense for events, and registration fees, is $10,000. The team is currently fundraising to meet this need.

Book Fairs at Barnes & Noble

North Science Olympiad will have a table at Barnes & Noble on May 10th, the day before Mother's Day, and June 14th, the day before Father's Day. At the table, there will be flyers available that, when presented to the cashier with a purchase, divert a percentage of purchase to the team.


Students on the North Science Olympiad team show huge dedication and grow passionate about science and learning. If this is a worthwhile cause, donations may be made out to

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