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Bloomingpedia:This month's featured article/2009 Month 04

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7th Street is a main east-west street running through the heart of the Indiana University campus. 7th artificially ends in the middle of campus making a loop around Showalter Fountain in the Fine Arts Square. Until 1997 7th Street continued past the Fine Arts Square, around the Auditorium (west-bound on the north side and east-bound on the south side) and on past Jordan Avenue. Currently, 7th Street is blocked on the north side of the Auditorium and no longer exists on the south side of the Auditorium. IU has announced that upon demolition of 7th Street along the north side of the Auditorium, it will no longer carry motorized traffic. 7th Street runs north of the School of Education and continues through the Green Acres neighborhood between Union Street and the Highway 46 a.k.a The Bypass. A new section of 7th Street has been constructed behind St. Mark's Methodist Church. It intersects with Longview Avenue and turns into Williamsburg Drive near Best Buy.

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