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Andrew Wylie

From Bloomingpedia

Andrew Wylie (April 12, 1789 - November 11, 1851) was the first President of Indiana University, from 1829 until his death in 1851. The former President of both Jefferson College and Washington College was also a reverend, and a professor, teaching philosophy and literature. Wylie died during his term in office after complications from a wood chopping accident in which he cut his foot badly.

Wylie lived (and died) in what is now known as Wylie House, which was sold to his half-cousin Theophilus A. Wylie, who was also a professor at Indiana University. The house was eventually sold to the University and made into a museum. Wylie Hall is named after Andrew and Theophilus.

Andrew is a charter member of the Monroe County Hall of Fame on which his plaque reads "First President, Indiana University 1829 - 1851; Educator, Administrator, Minister, Author".