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Abasha Restaurant

From Bloomingpedia
Ashenda's Abasha Restaurant
Restaurant Type: Ethiopian
Open Date: early 2008?
Address: 424 East Fourth Street
Phone: (812) 333-5522
Current Owner(s): Ashenda Hagos
Manager(s): Ashenda Hagos
Hours: VERIFY 5-9 weekdays, 5-10 Saturday
possibly Friday or Sunday?

An authentic Ethiopian restaurant attached to La Dolce Vita on 4th Street. Although they do serve western style if you ask, Ethiopian food is eaten with your hands by using a piece of soft Ethiopian bread (injera) to scoop up stews, curries, and vegetable dishes, all served on an edible platter of injera. The food is friendly to vegetarians and carnivores alike, and they are good about adjusting the spiciness to suit your request.