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Ashton Center

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As seen from 10th Street

Ashton is a residence complex on the northeastern end of the Indiana University campus at the corner of 10th Street and Union Street. It was initially constructed in 1946, and simply called Dormitory Unit. The original buildings were constructed quickly, of uninsulated concrete block. In winter, many rooms would develop ice on the interior of the wall. Possible in the 1970's, carpet was put on the walls of the corner rooms as some added insulation. Despite this, residents had a fondness for the older dorms. The lounges of each had firelplaces, and were enclosed with 1.5 story, floor to ceiling windows. For quick, cheap construction, the buildings did manage to have a certain aesthetic quality.

Later on, after the initial 1946 construction, Weatherly Hall was added, and even later (possibly 1960's), the newer buildings were added.

At some point, it became known as the Graduate Residence Center, before being renamed after John W. Ashton in 1980. It was comprised of approximately 10-15 separate buildings, most no higher than three stories. Many of the individual buildings were devoted to special residential programs within the dorm system at various times. In the 1980's, for example, Aydelotte housed the French and Spanish Houses, Aley housed the Russian House. Mottier and Moaffatt housed the Residence Scholars program in the 80's. ALL rooms in Ashton Center were single rooms.

The center is currently undergoing demolition of select buildings, which began in the summer of 2006. This demolition also caused a partial closure of 10th Street. (see Road Construction).

Building Names (Incomplete)

Original Buildings

  • Aley Hall
  • Aydelotte Hall
  • Ashton Hall
  • Moenkhaus Hall
  • Coulter Hall
  • Foley Hall
  • Scott Hall
  • Moffatt Hall
  • Mottier Hall
  • Weatherly Hall

"Newer" Buildings

  • Johnston Hall
  • Dreiser Library
  • Barnes Lounge
  • Griggs Lounge
  • Hershey Hall (single room, all male)
  • Vos Hall
  • Stempel Hall (single room, 21+ and Graduate dorm)

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