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Presbyterian Church in America

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The Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) is a denomination in the Presbyterian family of Christianity present largely in the United States. The denomination was founded in 1973 by former members of what is now the Presbyterian Church (USA) who sought to escape the parent denomination's theological liberalism.

PCA congregations can be found in several Indiana cities; no congregation is located in Monroe County, although a congregation existed in Bloomington for a short while in the late twentieth century. Known as Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church, this congregation was founded in 1987. For much of its existence, the congregation worshipped in a building at 2280 S. Smith Rd. just southeast of the city limits. In 1999, the congregation closed: the minister and the other leaders decided to join the Church of the Good Shepherd (now ClearNote Church), and they sold the building to the latter congregation and announced Grace Covenant's closure.