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Category talk:Local Restaurants

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adding Local Restaurants to main Restaurants category

there are some listed in Local Restaurants that aren't in Restaurants. Shouldn't Restaurants include everything? (It seems like "Local Restaurants" should be a special category for those restaurants that are exclusive to Bloomington and/or the surrounding area, i.e. not big chains, but the main Restaurants category would be more useful if it contains all the restaurants) I haven't figured out how to edit categories yet. Once I do I'll get to this, or in case anyone else feels like doing it, here are the 62 (tab-delimited in source) that are in local but not in the main Restaurants category and (by my logic) should be added:

Asuka Big Mouth Subs Bloomingfoods Bloomington Sandwich Company Bobby's Too Bombay House Burmese Gems Cafe Ami Cafe D’Lish Cafe Pizzaria Cancun Mexican Casa Brava China Buffet China House Crazy Horse Dagwood's Dats Domo DP Dough Dragon Chinese Restaurant Dragon Express Esan Thai Restaurant Falafel's Fester's Jungle Room Gatsby's Theater Café Grazie! I Irish Lion Janko's Little Zagreb Jazz at the Station La Charreada Mexican Restaurant Le Petit Cafe Lennie's Limestone Grill Local M cont. Mad Mushroom Pizza Malibu Grill Mama Korean Restaurant Mandalay Restaurant Michael's Uptown Cafe Monroe County Pizza Department Mother Bear's (Campus) Noodle Town Pizza Express Pizza Express Bedford Pizza Express Campus Pizza Express Ellettsville Puccini's La Dolce Vita Red Sea Restaurant Tallent Samira Restaurant Scholar's Inn Bakehouse Bagels Smokin' Jack's Rib Shack Soma Coffee House Soup's On Stefano's Ice Cafe The Beer Wagon Bar and Grill The Cereal Barn & Peanut Butter Cafe The Greenbrier Room The MAC Mediterranean Cuisine Tina's Cuisine & Catering Upland Brewing Company

we should also makes sure there are none in the main category missing from Local Restaurants. RossD 13:14, 28 February 2008 (EST)

Category listings

RossD, you make a valid point. Including all restaurants under the restaurants category is certainly valid. To do so, folks will need to visit each article and add the Local Restaurants category tag to the bottom of the article, the wiki markup is very simple: [[Category:Restaurants]].

Some of these articles have been developing for over two years and I'm not surprised that some of them are not 100% accurate as far as categories are concerned. There is no way to add the category link to all of the articles you mentioned in an automatic fashion. Chris Eller 12:37, 29 February 2008 (EST)

Wee Willie's

Not sure where else to request this, but I came here looking for any info on Wee Willie's and found nothing. Is it a big secret conspiracy, or just a restaurant? (what kind? where? hours? why so mysterious? etc) user:Katyism

Here is their website. Write an article! --BirdieGalyan 15:35, 9 September 2008 (EDT)
Hmm, never been there, but it's not what I thought it was. What is the restaurant next to Night Moves? It also is mysterious and has no sign.